15 Small Exotic Pets Perfect for Apartment Living

The easiest exotic animal to care for, hedgehogs are ideal for someone who wants a pet but doesn't have a significant amount of time or resources to devote their care and attention to it. Hedgehogs need a simple land enclosure large enough for them to run and play in. Sugar gliders are charming little marsupials that live in trees. They have thin skin membranes on both sides of their bodies, like those of a flying squirrel, allowing them to travel from a higher position to a different place.

Sugar gliders can be easy to maintain, they are small, they thrive easily and are very affectionate, they are one of the easiest pets to care for in college. However, they are also unpredictable and cannot be educated in a home, and they have four scent glands that mark the earth. You may want to have two sugar gliders, as they're social animals; they'll keep each other company when you're not around. The spectrum extends to the Mexican Redknee tarantula, which is found on the other side of the area.

The classic pet tarantula has red knees, a calm mentality and an incredibly long lifespan. The Redknee male usually lives for about 10 years and the females up to thirty years. For decades, chimpanzees and their great personality have captured the hearts of many families. Even if animal rights defenders and revolutionaries argue that keeping chimpanzees among humans is unfair, 700 American households disagree.

A chimpanzee is almost as intelligent as a human, and raising one is even difficult. The chimpanzee needs about 60 years of treatment. These cockroaches grow to 1 to 3 inches and live for about a year, although some can live up to five years. They can stay in groups because they are sociable, but they don't need a huge aquarium.

You have to find one with a lid because they are wonderful climbers. A lamp or heating pad is also important for maintaining the tropical temperature. They are very easy to control when it comes to diet, as they can eat anything from fruits, vegetables, leaves, wood and even cats, granules and flakes. Hedgehogs are charming little animals covered with spikes on the top and fur on the bottom.

If you challenge them, they can roll up into a spiny ball. An adult hedgehog is only about 8″ tall. It's illegal to keep hedgehogs as pets in Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Washington, DC. The hyacinth macaw is a magnificent parrot that can be an excellent pet at home.

These birds need a large enclosure and regular contact with their owners. They are very intelligent and can be loud if they are nervous or alone. They live to be around 60 years old, so if there's any chance, you'll have to have a plan for them. It is legal to keep it as a pet in most territories, but it is protected by the Endangered Species Act, which controls its transport and trade. Chinchillas, while not hard to get, are a type of rodent that is not as common as other pocket pets.

They will be easy to care for as long as you give them the right food, the right cage, and a warm, fluid environment in which to live. You don't need to take too much care of them and they get rare and very nice “dust baths”. While chinchillas can be affectionate, they can also be shy and don't get much treatment. Even at night, they are busier and more active throughout the night.

While a large animal such as a dog or cat may not be the best option for those who live in apartments, there are many types of small exotic animals that can make great pets in small spaces. Today our Nashville vets share 15 of the best options for small exotic pets that are the perfect size for apartment living. Did you know that there are approximately 50 breeds of rabbits that people can adopt? They are small quiet exotic mammals that love to be pampered and keep their owners company. They are also trained to lay litters so they don't need access to the outside. You can even exercise your rabbit by letting it roam freely around your house however rabbits love to dig and chew so make sure your apartment is rabbit-proof and make sure they can't access any electrical cables. Ferrets are very playful and quiet pets that will spend most of the day sleeping while you're gone.

They also need a large cage so they have enough space to play. Mice can be shy creatures that get scared easily but they do well with consistent management. Hamsters are usually good house animals because they don't need a lot of space. They are quiet do not come off and are relatively clean people with allergies can usually feel comfortable having a hamster at home they can also be relatively easily tamed if you handle them regularly as for the cage they require 2 cubic feet of space as well as a hamster wheel a place to hide absorbent bedding food and water. This pet thrives on socialization and is generally easy to handle while they make a whistle it's usually not loud enough to bother people in neighboring apartments they need an enclosure that is at least 7-8 feet tall but it doesn't need to be more than 1 foot tall because they don't usually climb. Guinea pigs can benefit from being given time to roam around the house as long as you make sure that all cables and dangerous objects are well away from their teeth and chewing habits. Leopard geckos are one of the most popular pets among lizard owners due to their friendly nature and beautiful speckled pattern you can also easily feed them insects that are easily prepared at most pet stores they also tend to...

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