Low Maintenance Exotic Pets: A Guide for Beginners

With proper care, there are few reptiles that cannot be kept as pets, however, only a few require little maintenance to be considered good for beginners. Leopard geckos, bearded dragons and corn snakes are popular for their docility and ease of care. First of all, it is important to establish what exactly is considered an exotic pet. An exotic animal is one that is not domesticated or that is rare.

There are many animals that are technically exotic (they are not domesticated or have changed very little from their wild ancestors) but that do not look as such, such as several birds and fish. On the other hand, there are many other non-exotic companion animals, such as pygmy hedgehogs and chinchillas, which are considered exotic, but which are very different, both physically and mentally, from their wild counterparts. Hedgehogs belong to the Erinaceinae family and are not rodents nor are they related to a porcupine, which is very similar. Hedgehogs are by far the easiest exotic animal to care for and are ideal for someone who wants to have a pet but doesn't have a significant amount of time or resources to devote their care and attention to it. Hedgehogs need a simple terrestrial enclosure large enough for them to run and play.

They thrive on a simple diet of fruits and insects, all of which can be found in the kitchen or backyard. Hedgehogs aren't social creatures, unlike many other smaller animals, so it's not recommended to house more than one in an enclosure. Sugar gliders are charming little marsupials that live in trees. They have thin skin membranes on both sides of their bodies, like a flying squirrel, allowing them to travel from a higher position to a different location. Sugar gliders can be easy to maintain, are small, grow easily and are very affectionate.

They are one of the easiest pets to care for in college. However, they are also unpredictable and cannot be educated in a home, and they have four scent glands that mark the earth. You might want to have two sugar gliders, as they're social animals; they'll keep each other company when you're not around. The specter runs through the Mexican Redknee tarantula, at the other end of the repair. The classic pet tarantula has red knees, a calm mentality and an incredibly long lifespan.

The Redknee male usually lives for about 10 years and the females up to thirty years. For decades, chimpanzees and their great personality have captured hearts of many families. Even if animal advocates and revolutionaries argue that keeping chimpanzees among humans is unfair, 700 American households disagree. A chimpanzee is almost as intelligent as a human, and raising one is even difficult. The chimpanzee needs about 60 years of treatment. These cockroaches grow to 1 to 3 inches and live for about a year, although some can live up to five years.

They can stay in groups because they are sociable, but they don't need a huge aquarium. You have to find one with a lid because they are wonderful climbers. A lamp or heating pad is also important for maintaining the tropical temperature. They are very easy to control when it comes to diet, as they can eat anything from fruits, vegetables, leaves, wood and even cats' granules and flakes. Hedgehogs are charming little animals covered with spikes on the top and fur on the bottom.

If you challenge them, they can roll up into a spiny ball. An adult hedgehog is only about 8″ tall. It's illegal to keep hedgehogs as pets in Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Washington DC. The hyacinth macaw is a magnificent parrot that can be an excellent pet at home. These birds need a large enclosure and regular contact with their owners.

They are very intelligent and can be loud if they are nervous or alone. They live to be around 60 years old, so if there's any chance you'll have to have a plan for them. It is legal to keep it as a pet in most territories but it is protected by the Endangered Species Act which controls its transport and trade. Similarly ferrets sugar gliders and hedgehogs are illegal in California. You won't be disappointed that the fennec fox is an exotic animal. These foxes are small which is equivalent to a chihuahua dog once that have completely grown. These foxes are hard to find and can be expensive but as demand increases they will become more available and will be much less expensive. Cappinchos are the kindest animals you've ever met.

The colossal rodents which are very gregarious always rank first in the rankings of the most sympathetic animals. However they are difficult to keep as pets. Carpinchos require a lot of space as well as a pool. You can't have a single capyrincho either because they are always sociable. Axolotls are fantastic pets for beginners because they are easy to handle and can live in a tank as small as 10 gallons however a larger tank is preferable. Due to their dirty nature they thrive in fresh water and require a robust and strong filter. You might be surprised to learn that cockroaches make great exotic pets.

You can handle them quite easily even if it's not a pet you'd like to be friends with. Depending on the species they are you may need authorization from your government's department of agriculture. They are considered invasive species; therefore their transport between states is strictly controlled. Degus looks like a mix between a hamster and a guinea pig in appearance. They are very social animals that require the company of at least one other degu to be happy.

They can live in the same style as ferrets or cage-like rats using toys and similar gadgets to play with. They bathe in dust the same way chinchillas do. On the other hand male degús will fight so it is advisable to keep same-sex degús separately. Sugar gliders are small marsupials that live in trees....

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