Are Exotic Animals Like Chickens Allowed as Pets?

Dogs, cats, cows, horses, goats, pigs, and other domesticated animals are not usually classified as exotic pets. However, rabbits may or may not be considered exotic. Exotic pets can also include some wild animals, both native and foreign species, that people choose to own and care for. The ancestors of our modern domestic chickens may have been revered as novelties in the past and not served in a dining table.

In fact, they were seen as exotic animals that were respected and even worshiped. Non-venomous reptiles or non-venomous snakes less than eight feet long, or animals that spend their entire existence in an aquarium or similar container, including, but not limited to, exotic fish, small mammals (hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, etc.) are allowed in some areas. It is important to check the details of your area with the Wildlife Resources division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which has rules that address the ownership of many exotic animals. In fact, many, including hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, chickens, parrots, iguanas, monitors, snakes, mini pigs, goats, pocket pets (sugar gliders), monkeys and more are allowed. Some insurance companies may consider your pet to be inherently dangerous and will not provide coverage if the pet causes harm or harm. Then find a veterinarian who specializes in exotic pets and the type of animal you have in mind.

The city of Marietta is allowed with 11 restrictions (roosters are not allowed; no more than four chickens; must be in a fenced area; only for the production of pets or eggs, not for slaughter; minimum lot of 15,000 square feet; the lot must have an occupied residence).If you're sure that owning an exotic animal is for you, keep in mind that property laws vary by state, the city and the county. Chickens that are ancestors of our modern domestic chickens may have grown slower than today's chickens but they have a more distinctive appearance and voice and are only about a third the size of today's chickens. Under the Fulton County Animal Ordinance you can keep up to 75 chickens (or turkeys, geese, ducks and pigeons) as long as you keep them in good living conditions and away from occupied buildings other than your own home. Also have a plan in case your pet doesn't exercise. Talk to exotic pet rescue personnel to find out why people give up on those pets.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has no rules on the ownership of chickens, buffaloes or backyard llama; they are all domestic animals. Some exotic pets require a lot of time to care for and can test the owner's patience and daily schedule. This section does not consider that those that are commonly sold in pet stores or that are kept as pets are prohibited. No person may have, keep or keep any exotic animal, livestock or any other dangerous carnivorous wild or exotic animal or reptile in an area of the city.

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